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Now accepting submissions!  Before you do, please note the following:

          •  Your novel must be complete, edited, and polished to a high standard.

          •  That means you have already had at least several full-novel critiques, and made any required revisions.

          •      You have hired the services of a professional editor.

          •      Your novel has been proofread.

          •      You have a professional-looking, genre-appropriate cover.

          •      You should also have (at least) an active author’s website or blog, and a Twitter account where you can promote your work..

If your novel ticks all these boxes, and is genuinely ready to be published, you can submit the first 3 chapters, or 10,000 words. If approved, you will be asked to submit the remainder of the novel. If this is accepted, your novel will be deemed ready for publication.

Tango Nomadic - Submit Your Novel

How to prepare your manuscript for submission:

          • Please send the first 3 chapters, or 10,000 words (whichever is longer).

          • Save your text in Word (.doc, .docx), Pages (.pages), or .txt format, presented in a sensible font (12pt Helvetica, Arial, Times, Georgia, etc. Not Comic Sans or Papyrus!).

          • Include a one-sentence overview of your novel (sometimes called an 'elevator pitch'. If you had to convince an agent in 5 seconds, how would you describe your novel?).

          • Include a 1-page synopsis (approx) of your novel, including how it ends.

          • Please also specify the genre, the age-group you're targeting, and any other details you feel are relevant, inlcuding a paragraph or two about yourself.

          • Your novel will not be rejected because you set the line spacing to 1.2 instead of 1.1, or some other small technical issue. Just make sure it's legible, and use your common sense. We have faith in you!

Once you have everything ready, send it to info@tangonomadic.com, and we'll get back to you shortly.

Best of luck!