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What is Tango Nomadic?

Tango Nomadic is a independent publishing label, which can help independent authors to publish their works.

How does it work?

Many authors who self-publish face a dilemma when they upload their novel to Amazon or other distributors. When asked for the publisher name, they must either enter their own name, or identify Amazon as the publisher. So what’s the problem? Well, there’s still a stigma associated with self-publishing. Some readers are ‘put off’ by the fact that a novel is published by Amazon, or by an individual. The perception — right or wrong — is that these novels are of lower quality. Tango Nomadic offers a third option. If your novel is accepted for publication by us, you can use our brand, and thus, your novel is published by ‘Tango Nomadic Publications’. Even if a reader is unfamiliar with the brand, it may instil them with more confidence than if the novel were published by ‘John Smith’ or ‘Mary Jones’, or by ‘Amazon KDP’.

Does that mean Tango Nomadic owns the copyright to my work?

No. Tango Nomadic will be identified as the publisher, not the copyright holder. You retain all rights. Yes, all of them.

In practice, this means you will put something like this on the info page at the start of your novel:

     Published by Tango Nomadic Publications | www.tangonomadic.com

       © Copyright (Author's name)

Can any author join Tango Nomadic?

Anyone can apply, but only those who have novels ready to publish will be accepted — just like a traditional publishing house.

What does membership cost, and are there any other charges?

Membership is free. No money changes hands, other than a small processing fee which covers the issuing of an ISBN. This is typically around £20/$30/€25 per ISNB* — a massive saving!

*(Exact fees TBC, and will be confirmed upon launch)

Does Tango Nomadic take a percentage, or a cut, from sales of my novels?

No. Not a penny. Whatever you earn is yours.

Will Tango Nomadic help with marketing, promotion, distribution, etc?

Yes and no. We’re not a marketing or advertising company, but we can help in other ways, and promote both you and your writing via social media and the TN website.

What we offer is a publisher’s brand, so your self-published novel is not identified as being published by an individual, or by Amazon. But, in all other ways, your novel is still self-published, and you are primarily responsible for marketing and promoting it.

So what help can you provide?

In addition to cut-price ISBNs, the Tango Nomadic website will include author profiles, and publication listings, where readers will discover your work, and where you can advertise and promote yourself and your writing. Fans of one writer will discover works by other writers, thus increasing discoverability, and driving sales.

Member-writers will receive their own author’s page on the site, which will display their photo, a bio written by them, links to buy their work on Amazon or elsewhere, as well as their Facebook page, Twitter, blog/website, or any other links and info relevant to promoting them as a writer.

Tango Nomadic will also promote your work via our Twitter and Facebook accounts. The concept is currently in its infancy, but with the help of high-quality independent authors, the aim is to grow the brand, and the community, into a recognisable label.

I still don’t see the point.

That’s fine. This solution is not for everyone. There are many options for publishing, and whichever way you choose, we wish you the best of luck with your writing career!

I do see the point. Where can I sign up?

Right here! We're accepting submissions, and are looking forward to hearing from you.

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